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Man has been using medicinal plants since approximately 4.000 years ago. In the beginning they were used intuitively. Nowadays with the new techniques and methods we know the parts of the plant from which the active substances (called active principles) can be extracted.
The use of medicinal plants must be made in a rational way since although they are natural products not for that they stop being dangerous.


There exist in the market an ample range devoted to the body hygiene, oral hygiene and intimate hygiene. To avoid allergic reactions they must be formulated in a way that they respect the PH of the treated zone and they must be hypoallergic. Due to the great variety it’s important the advice of a professional, since this way we will avoid an inadequate use or the appearance of any problem.


The body care has always been very important. A well cared body does not only give a good impression of the person but it is also the guarantee for having a better health.
Nowadays cosmetic products fulfil all the requirements established by law to guarantee the quality and safety for its use in humans.
Together with a healthy and balanced diet there are other factors that interfere in premature aging and problems of skin and hair, like sun and unsuitable or low quality cosmetic products.


A correct and adequate nutrition provides an optimum state of health. It’s very important to educate and make the population aware of the fact that feeding not only provides energy to the organism but it prevents the appearance of diseases, premature aging and helps to achieve a better quality of life. It’s especially important to know how to give this education in childhood.

Baby care

In babies not only feeding plays an important and outstanding role for their growth and development but skin care is also very important. Their skin is very sensitive so we must emphasize that its care has to be realized with hypoallergic products.
A suitable baby skin care will avoid some problems like dryness, dermatitis,etc...


Homeopathy consist of administering the patient low or infinitesimal doses of the substance that administered in high doses and to healthy individuals causes similar symptoms to those of the patient. Substances coming from the animal, vegetal and mineral kingdom are used to stimulate the immune system, so the body can mobilize its defences against emerging pathogens, viruses… and recover the balance.
i.e.: Ipecac in large doses provokes sickness and vomiting, but in infinitesimal doses it’s a cure.
Homeopathy allows solving a great deal of diseases that we can find every day: allergy processes, ORL disorders of repetition, flu, stress and anxiety are some of the pathologies where homeopathy has its application.