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Body Hygiene

It's important to keep a clean and moisturized skin because it is a barrier that protects us from infections and it's also important to avoid the use of aggressive products that produce irritations. We will use the suitable products depending on the skin type and the zone of the treatment:

Oral hygiene

it is basic to keep a correct health state and plays a very important role in the digestive functions. Keeping the mouth in good shape is not easy since it shows a series of characteristics (humidity, nutrients?) that made of it a suitable place for the development of bacteria. We have to fulfil a series of requirements:

Toothpastes, toothbrushes, dental flosses and mouthwashes allow us to keep healthy teeth and gums avoiding sensitivity problems, preventing cavities and bloody gums, etc. They are suitable tools for every problem and for every type of person and allow us to keep a healthy mouth.