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We emphasize the fact that medicinal plants are safe and effective products for the treatment of slight symptoms and pathologies. However, a bad use of them may have health problems as a consequence. The pharmacist, as the sanitary professional he is, will guide you to make a safe and rational use of medicinal plants.

To make these products effective and safe must be fulfilled a series of requirements like the harvest, optimum preservation and storage conditions, qualitative physicochemical tests, techniques for the active principle's isolation and identification and the quality control.

It's very important emphasizing that people who have a pharmacological or medicamental treatment must ask the doctor or pharmacist for advice before taking any medicinal plant although it seemed harmless.

There are a lot of medicinal plants but not all fulfil the quality and safety requirements so it is important to know where can be acquired the said products.

Nowadays there is an ample variety of medicinal plants in the market and as it is impossible to cover all (for more information about these or other medicinal plants contact us) we will describe briefly those that for its use or for being well-known we think they deserve more attention: