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Baby care

The baby requires some specific care and hygiene, due to the special features of his skin: it is five times thiner than the skin of an adult, more permeable and susceptible to the external agents and aggresions. Moreover, until two years of age approximately babies don't have the temperature control and the sweating normalized, for what skin shows a tendency to dryness and chapness. This dryness is also favoured by the fact that after birth sebaceous glands have a lower activity, what gives as a result a lower sebaceous secretion. The melanin production is slower than in the adult skin and it is very susceptible to the solar radiation.

For all this, cosmetic products aimed at the hygiene and protection of babies, require specific demands and must gather some characteristics like: keeping the carnified layer intact, minimum irritability, maximum harmlessness, stability and safety of their components.

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Among the existing products for the baby's skin care in the market we find: