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Cosmetic products (personal cleanliness and perfumery) are those preparations devoted to clean, perfume, change the physical appearance, to correct or keep body odour of the different parts of the body in good conditions.

We will use one product or another depending on if it deals with corporal, hair or antiaging cosmetics.

In body cosmetics we emphasize on the skin type since it is the organism?s most external structure.

It's really important to keep the skin in good conditions, for being able to fulfil its physiological functions in a correct way and thus show a healthy appearance.

We must emphasize that any skin alteration should be reviewed by a dermatologist or by your doctor who will determine the most suitable treatment or care for every case.

Avoid premature aging

Hair cosmetics

In hair cosmetics it is very important caring for the hair to keep it healthy and shiny. Every person has a different hair type that has its own characteristics. With the passing of time, the chemical agents (paints, lacquers) and the external ones (sun, wind, water) that properties change and may move on problems like dermatitis, hair loss, dry hair...

Hair can be classified in:


The young skin is firm, with a natural feel and humidity but a moment comes when it begins losing its elasticity due to the sun exposure, environmental pollution, inadequate alimentary diets, the use of low quality cosmetics, etc. There are no miracles and what has to be done is attempting to keep a healthy skin, preventing the appearance of spots and delaying the appearance of wrinkles as far as possible. In this prevention is recommended the use of creams from 25-30 years onwards, it?s also important to acquire adequate alimentary habits, to keep a clean skin and to use high quality cosmetics.

Sun protection

it's important to use the adequate sun protection factor for every skin depending on the activity that is going to be made since the sun radiations are different and of different intensity. We will avoid skin dehydration, aging and the appearance of spots.